Transport of delight

True love is… when your lovely other half doesn’t even bat an eyelid when you say that you have just picked up a large sewing box in the flea market, stored it in your office, “and would you mind terribly helping me to bring it back home by bicycle right now even though you’ve just spent two hours alone with the children at the swimming pool? And while we’re at it, let’s take that small fridge home too because I don’t use it anymore to store breastmilk”.

boxes on legs bike1So, in case you are wondering, yes, you can take one fridge, one sewing box, two children and swimming bags home by bicycle across town. We got a few smiles on the way.

So once this was home, I got down to work on the balcony. You can’t really see in this photograph, but the wood was really grubby, even after cleaning. It clearly needed a new look.

boxes on legs2Because it was varnished, the man in the paint shop said it needed a primer-thingy to make the paint stick nicely. I know nothing about these things, so I believed him and left clutching two pots. So then it was white.

boxes on legs3And then, channelling my inner-Princess, it was a sort of apricoty-pink. Not quite what this photo looks like, taken in the night with a flash. But, as always happens, just before I finished I ran out of paint. It was just was well really, because one of the sticky-bits of the opening mechanism needs a new screw, or two, and the botched-repair-job someone must have done on it doesn’t really work nicely and jams, so I’ll need to do some fixing on the left-hand side screws. It’s going to be sweet, if I manage… (Because, hey, I’ve never really done this before!)

boxes on legs4And if I may say so, I think the pink finger prints on the window frames that I must have made when I was looking for a cup of tea mid-painting add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to our décor. Shall we say.

Now I must go back to that paint shop on Monday, after invigilating exams for three hours.

Happy painting! (Or exam revision…) JJ

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