Back to (stitching) school

Back to school day in Geneva today. We found this sweet little arrangement near the fireplace a couple of days ago. So fitting.

Monday progress 37Please note the Eiffel Tower on the bottom right, apparently missing. Now where did that little tiny souvenir go? I particularly love the rabbit Teacher ringing the bell. Well done Miss R!

As for Monday hand stitching progress, to link up to the ever-dynamic Ms J-of-Life-Under-Quilts, there isn’t a huge amount to report. As this is meant to be the second-to-last, I feel I ought to actually have finished something. But such is life.

I couldn’t work out where to stitch another line on the red hexies, but taking this photo seems to indicate it needs more top right, because it looks wonky now. I am getting a bit bored of this, so time to finish it soon!

Monday progress 35I will appliqué it to some whitish material, like a medallion, and then piece around it. I started making some extra flowers to put around it because a) many of the others linking up to these ‘progress reports’ are making the cutest flowers, and I love them, and b) I have decided that some sort of pattern in this paper piecing keeps it interesting! So I’ll make five more of these little chaps and see if they want to live round the middle bit.

Monday progress 32

I need to go and buy some more pink paint, and some rivets to sort out opening and closing issues on my little newly pink sewing-box-on-legs. Here is a gratuitous shot of it with the hexies for scale.

Monday progress 33I also sewed two more of the flowers for the other project. I think I really prefer working with the larger sizes in retrospect. I just ordered some more paper as I am too lazy to cut my own. I daren’t admit the awfully large amount I paid for these from a Swiss online shop, but I suspect they need support in competing against other paper pieces shipped from afar.

Monday progress 34As for other projects, this is a sweet little deckchair that I refurbished. I seem to have become the resident expert in things to do with sewing in our apartment building. This is rather amusing. I rather fancy myself as the local magic witch, able to solve anyone’s stitching problems! Ha. So yesterday evening, a little five-year-old neighbour appeared on the doorstep, clutching a very torn little deckchair her mother had picked up in a charity shop. She just thrust it into my hands looking mournful. It took no time at all to replace the fabric. Isn’t it sweet now?

Monday progress 31Shown here with one of Miss R’s dolls, once knitted by my mother, sleeping in a fruit box under a little ‘ticker-tape‘ quilt I made her. The little girl’s brother came round today, clutching his cub scout shirt and badges. I’ll sew them on later tonight.

I suppose the scouting badges need doing now, but I rather feel like making lavender bags tonight. I will use this lovely lavender that we brought back from Tuscany a few weeks ago. Sweet smelling socks and knickers for evermore…

Monday progress 36


But then I really ought to power through the last of the free-motion-quilting for a quilt that I had planned to give to our children’s beloved nanny who just left us… She is coming to supper tomorrow. In any case, a sewing evening beckons. Hurray.

Happy stitching! JJ

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7 Responses to Back to (stitching) school

  1. helen beall says:

    Your home looks so inviting! Pink sewing basket, knitted doll in the fruit basket, and lavender….not to mention all those pretty hexagons.

  2. I love the reddish work, but your pink hexies are lovely, what are you doing with them?

    • I have no idea! Just enjoying the sewing, and when I run out of the colours (they are from old sheets), I will see how much I’ve got and put it together with white in between and see it they can be a quilt, even a small one. Or something! Thanks for your comment. JJ

  3. Happy stitching to you, too! As for paper supplies, I don’t exactly know her postage rates to Switzerland, but take a look at, it’s the best-stocked and value-for-money German supplier I found so far.

  4. Pamela says:

    All of your hexies, big and small look great. You are so good to help everyone else!

  5. Wendy says:

    I also like the big hexies and am working on three projects at once….big ones, one inch ones and then my stars….yours are looking really nice…and I really like the colors on those big ones.

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