Monday, back to real life

Back to real life with a bump after five days of Heaven, escaping from all our beginnings of term by hopping onto a plane. Heaven, this time, was the little Suffolk market town where I spent summers as a child. Growing up in Switzerland, with English parents always made England seem like a faraway and dream-like place, to be visited as a rare treat in the summer. Going back, particularly to Suffolk, always brings back that raw excitement.

Seeing our own children play on the very same beach I so loved as a child, and enjoying it just as much as I did at the time, may be somewhat narcissistic. But it was also just lovely to create layers of memories in the landscape. That we were there, buckets and spades at the ready, for the 90th un-birthday of my wonderful Granny made it also a very special weekend. Four generations all together, gathered around the remaining core of the family. Need I add that I once spent a most glorious holiday as a child staying with my Gran all alone, sewing on her old Singer, turning the handle to sew? I can remember to this day the gentle thumping noise it made as the wheel was turned.

The night before I left, having packed bags until 9pm, I threw together two drawstring bags filled with toiletries for my aunt and cousin. Then I made speedy matching lavender bags with dried flowers from Tuscany. The smell was divine! Good, quick gifts.

Lavender bagsAt the family reunion, we had tea in my Granny’s childhood Church where she grew up in the Twenties, the daughter of a country parson. It is a beautiful, special place, with the most beautiful painted Victorian ceiling. This was apparently painted single-handedly by the wife of a Vicar, lying on her back on scaffolding. It was beautifully restored and cleaned a few years ago. My Grandmother is the living archive on this Church, and knows all there is to know about it.


So no sewing at all for a few days for me, but lots of beautiful views and lovely places to inspire a quilter.


Huntingfield1But next weekend, oh joy of joys, I will be escaping with three girlfriends, for an inpromptu frenzy of gossip, laughter and sewing machines. Bliss. Perhaps this blog will then be filled with more fabric than snapshots?

Happy stitching, or, in my case, happy almost-end-of-exam-marking-while-dreaming-of-stitching!


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2 Responses to Monday, back to real life

  1. Josefina says:

    Enjoy your escape with your friends. Hearing the hum of the sewing machine while in the company of friends must be wonderful.

  2. Pamela says:

    What a wonderful trip! I’ll look forward to reading about the girlfriend escape weekend. I love stitching getaways with friends.

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