Low whotsit

Just when I thought I had understood what ‘value’ was in colour theory, everyone starts making ‘low volume’ quilts in blogland. Low what? Why not ‘low value’? Or just wishy-washy quilts?

Still, I took part in a fabric swap of so-called low volume charm squares — as a geographer, I was simply fascinated by the travel and spaces of the process of swapping. So, when the squares finally arrived by post, I was terribly excited. Then real life took over, and they just sat there. I dipped into them at times for small projects, but the full beauty of them all together never happened. Then this week a colleague and friend, in the office next to mine, had a baby. Perfect! The basis of a quick baby quilt, with some bits of my scraps thrown in for good measure. So far, it looks like this. Yes, squares again!

Low volume babyAnd no, that Liberty one on the right really doesn’t fit in, does it?

On another front, chocolate pasta sounds rather fun, doesn’t it? Well, actually, no, don’t bother trying it. It’s meant to be savoury, but that tasted really horrid (like normal pasta and unsweetened cocoa), so I threw some sugar in it. It didn’t improve. Hmmm. Lots left in the fridge if anyone wants to come and visit…

Chocolate pastaPlease note that this cooker, our cooker, was given to my dear in-laws as a wedding present, over 45 years ago. Still going strong! We’ll call it ‘vintage’, shall we? If “low-volume” really means “wishy-washy”, then “vintage” just means “second-hand”, but so much more glamorously…

Happy nibbling! JJ

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4 Responses to Low whotsit

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  2. Hilary S says:

    Love the muted colour scheme (perfect for disguising milky baby sick!) and I agree with you about the brown liberty square; it doesn’t quite blend with the rest.

  3. Beautiful, dear JJ! Until now, I was unconvinced by the idea of low volume quilts, but this one has definitely got me thinking about breaking away from my usual pinks and purples
    LPC xxx

  4. Pamela says:

    It looks like “low volume” colors are perfect for a baby quilt. I’m sure your friend will treasure it!

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