A weekend away

Back to real life after two days of sewing with the ladies half-way up a mountain: such a treat!

Exhausted and ready to bed now, but whirring machines are still in my mind, with mountain views and endless amazing food. I must write it up before it all just blurs, but not now. Instead, here is a little teaser of what I finished, in Ms G’s perfect chicken-filled garden.


Vegetable pouchThese ladies look at us, and we watched them. They were obviously very intrigued by the whole sewing experience as they kept trying, at times successfully, to come into the house. “No chickens in the house!”, Ms G would regularly shout. But how can you restrain a lady who wants to learn to quilt? They’ll find another way in, I am sure. They are clearly up to something, plotting, planning, pecking.

ChickensDetails of what we made to follow, I promise, but meanwhile I have a scientific workshop to run tomorrow, so sleep is essential…

Happy pecking! JJ

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Academic and quilter
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2 Responses to A weekend away

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  2. Pamela says:

    Can’t wait to read the whole story!

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