A stitch in the mountains

It was a lovely, lovely and sunny weekend. Fresh air in the mountains. Even some stitching.

Here is a bad photo of the view from the terrace where I was stitching, facing the Mont Blanc and the whole alpine mountain range. Spectacular, despite the bad phone photo. What looks like a large river is actually Lac Léman, one of the largest lakes in mainland Europe (“Lake Geneva”, if you wish).

DSC02970Settled on the terrace, looking at these mountains, with a cup of tea, while watching Small People play in the gravel, the earth, the clean air. Could there be a nicer place to spend a weekend?

DSC02976 This happy stitching resulted in three more bits for the pinky old sheet quilt. Now I have twelve, and the beginning of a plan of how to put it together, using another plain sheet to create space around these.

DSC02977I wanted to tell you more about where this is, and the gorgeousness of having a mountain hut to retreat to and escape from city life. But now it is 9.30pm and I really want to cut out a simple dress for a little friend of Miss R who is having an owl themed birthday party in a couple of weeks. I have the greatest owl fabric to play with… So off I go!

Happy cutting out! JJ

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3 Responses to A stitch in the mountains

  1. Oooooh, owls! We love owls! Regularly have to stop myself buying owl fabric! Bring to Peaks for me to pet???

  2. Pamela says:

    What a beautiful view! Your hexagon flowers look as sweet as candy.

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