Patchwork in the Peaks 4

I am lucky enough to be up a mountain again with a group of ten ladies for the Fourth “Patchwork in the Peaks” near the town of Morzine, in France. We’ve got all we could possibly need to be utterly happy: great instructors, lovely company, a list of fun projects we are going to make, and as much food as we all need to keep us going. I only forgot my camera, so it is back to the fuzzy laptop camera, until I can borrow someone else’s…Peaks 4b1There are boxes of scraps to help ourselves from, ‘chubs’ of fabric (fat quarters and smaller) to buy by weight, as well as zippers, ribbons, and a mini-shop. Bliss.

Let the fun begin!

Some of us are embracing the planning stage with great gusto…

Peaks 44


I do look forward to showing you what we all make.

Happy sewing! JJ

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