Cheese fest

The mountains were dusted with the first fresh snow of the winter, up in the Pays d’Enhaut. I just came back from two days with a group of Masters’ students, staying in Chateau d’Oex. It was surprisingly fun. Switzerland really can be a most beautiful place when it tries.

Chateau d'Oex2

Chateau d'Oex4

Chateau d'Oex3

Chateau d'Oex And we did our best to support the local cheese industry…

Chateau d'Oex5

Chateau d'Oex6Happy cheese fondue-ing to you all this winter! JJ

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7 Responses to Cheese fest

  1. Katy says:

    Ahh, lots of cheese, fab 😀 Is that snow there though? Eeek!

  2. Hilary S says:

    I’m only in Gstaad! Next time you come up to Chateau d’Oex let me know and I’ll come down to meet you! Maybe we could organise a quilting weekend there?

    • Oh yes! That would be lovely! I stayed in the youth hostel with all my students, so not quite super luxury, but I believe they are building a new one in Saanen that will be rather nicer… It would be lovely to meet up! Tell me, meanwhile, if you ever come down the mountain to Geneva.

      • Hilary S says:

        I’d like that. I’m passing through next week, dropping a student off at the airport, but not stopping. Another time, though.

  3. Pamela says:

    How beautiful! You go on the most amazing retreats.

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