If you only have half a bag…

I’ve been sick in bed all day, in a cloud of ibuprofen. So it is time for a totally frivolous post.

What can you do if you only finish half an airplane bag?

Bustier bagWear it as a bustier! It’s even got fitted darts at the top… Perfect for the modestly-endowed woman! Actually, the pattern means you end up with two bustiers, so that is an added bonus if you want to find a friend.

Although, to tell the truth, all of us at the recent Patchwork in the Peaks actually ended up making bags instead, as Ms M’s pretty photo shows:

Bags of bagsGreat reviews of our mountain weekend ten days agao are appearing here and there around Blogland. Our bags instructor and bear-maker extraordinaire Ms K has posts here, here and here. Ms L has an insider view too here, with more lovely photos of most beautiful bag. Who knows, maybe Ms F will post something on her gorgeous blog here in the coming days; or the organiser Ms E here, once she feels on top of the world again after caring for us all so well?

Now to bed, to get better again.

Happy snuffling! JJ


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1 Response to If you only have half a bag…

  1. Katy says:

    Wouldn’t make a bad pinny either…

    Feel better soon!

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