Critters attack

I’ve been blowing up squirrels.

Not, please understand, literally. Heavens! I’ve been blowing them up on the computer.

It occurred to me that I could create appliqué templates by scanning in material, and enlarging the patters. Obvious, I hear you say. But I had never tried it — or thought of it. This came about after an evening with the girls: I came to them with a half-finished Christmas quilt that had a huge white space I wanted to fill in. They suggested that rather than just quilting it to pieces, I could do some appliqué. Great idea!

Here is one of the little chaps, tantalisingly upside down (because once I’ve imported a picture into WordPress I don’t know how to rotate it…).

squirrelActually, cool things happen when you put a quilt into a scanner. How about these for mysterious glimpses of this latest project?

squirrel3 squirrel 1Now to make those scans into little patterns…

Happy scanning! JJ

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2 Responses to Critters attack

  1. Katy says:

    Lol, it might have been easier to just scan the leftover fabric 😀 Still, looking forward to seeing what comes of it! I’m still having a vision of you in a FPS game hunting down squirrels though…

    • Indeed! But there wasn’t any left over: this was a jelly roll that ended up in two quilts. And, incidentally, a super silly pattern to buy as a jelly roll as most of the animals had their heads cut off! So, however you think of it, it was gory! JJ

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