On a Tuscan hillside

After the heat of summer, it is nice to be back in Tuscany for a few days, plotting a future return for a sabbatical year of writing.

The hillside was shaken by a ‘calamità’ a few days before we got here: a torrential thunderstorm that brought mud crushing down as rivers overflowed and water found the shortest way down. Roads washed away, people cut off, but thankfully nobody hurt. Our house, magically, was safe. As the evening glow hits the mountains today, those scary hours seem far away.

Barga Nov 20135The olives we planted years ago are heavy with fruit, not quite ready for picking. It will be lovely to taste the sunshine in a bottle in weeks to come.

Barga Nov 20133Barga Nov 20132The view on the town of Barga is ever gorgeous, in the changing light. These hills are not green for nothing: the rain does fall heavily here in the autumn and winter. But when the sun is out, and faces turn to the heat, it is ever glorious. Should the wind howl, and the snow fall, the woodpile is ready. Isn’t this beautifully piled up? Our local helpers are artists in so many daily ways.Barga Nov 20134Should inspiration strike, and when I have my sewing machine duly installed in this house next year, I could always play around with these old sheets that I found in Geneva a few days ago. I found — oh the joy — a whole wall filled with such beauties in a charity shop. I thought I was very restrained to take only these…

Barga Nov 20131Happy scavenging! JJ




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3 Responses to On a Tuscan hillside

  1. Pamela says:

    What a beautiful place! A sabbatical year sounds wonderful.

  2. Katy says:

    Rather jealous of that view even for a holiday, never mind a whole year! Have fun 🙂

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