Hexies growing

A week rushing around like a mad thing, sorting out future university affiliation for my sabbatical, checking out local schools for the children, working out the paper work and — ever still — taking an amused and somewhat ethnographic look at Italian bureaucracy. I leave tomorrow, to go back to my normal life again. Is it any  surprise I didn’t have a minute to actually do any stitching, or even open the academic books I somehow fancied I might read this week? I’ll never tire of this view.

PICT9985Instead, every evening, I slowly plowed through a detective novel in Italian, almost spelling out each word. As I usually read really really fast, this was rather amusing. I think I got the gist of most of it!

Even if I didn’t stitch a single stitch, I did flicked through some Italian sewing magazines — kidding myself it was good for improving my vocabulary, in a crucial field. I also layed out my hexies on the floor to work out how many white ones I need to join it all together. I have basted some, but I’m not so sure about the white now. The colours are a bit off here (it’s evening and the flash flatterns it all out), but I almost think the terracotta colour looks better in between. What do you think?

PICT9990I also think I need four more flowers and I can call it a day for a nice little lap quilt. Colour suggestions welcome!

Happy stitching, JJ.

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6 Responses to Hexies growing

  1. I think you’re right, terracotta, or another warrm, rich colour, to make the hexies pop xxx

  2. Hilary S says:

    Terracotta, otherwise it looks a bit bland; though that could be the effect of the flash photography.

  3. Pamela says:

    I think the darker terracotta would be good.
    Your upcoming plans sound quite exciting. What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family!

  4. Katy says:

    Yup, that terracotta rocks it!

  5. I think terracotta between them would be good. Otherwise it’s a bit washed out. Lovely though!

  6. Josefina says:

    You need some green and blue, I think.

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