Baby Quilt for Christmas

Christmas is coming, the quilts are getting fat…

This is a little Christmassy baby quilt that I finished this evening, just in time for the Christmas Market tomorrow (1 Av de l’Eglise Anglaise, Lausanne, from 10am-4pm), on Saturday. Doesn’t it look sweet all wrapped up, ready to snuggle someone small?

PICT0005I got a bit bored stippling it, so ended up making a few rather random free motion flowers in places. Not exactly Christmassy per se, and it showed me just how hard it is to do something regular when you are just going for it, but cheerful enough.

PICT0014It was made with the squares left over from the previous red creation that still needs quilting. I also finished preparing and pre-making some little bags for my impromptu morning sewing workshop that will happen in a corner of the market. As I am not taking my sewing machine, people have the option of making bags in easy-to-sew felt if they want, rather than quilting cotton. It should be fun. If they finish one, they get a bell on the ribbon and chocolates to fill it with. So come along, dear readers!


PICT0010When the points are red, they remind me of poinsettia flowers. Very seasonal!

It’s a pity I don’t like sharing photos or videos of the children on the internet, because I have the sweetest little video clip of Mr A, aged 4, sewing alone this afternoon on my sewing machine. I had shown him how to use it once, a  few weeks ago, very briefly, when I was desperate to sew and he was casting around for something to do. He wanted to sew again today — but I was dashing around trying to pack for a night away at my mum’s. It really wasn’t the right moment. It never is, is it? In desperation, I chucked a left-over bit of green felt under the machine, gave him some coloured thread, and showed him how to choose decorative stiches. I propped up the pedal on a cardboard box, and left him to it. He kept his fingers firmly away from the needle, moved his little feet (both of them!) so gently, and managed perfectly well. It was amazing, so calm, so controlled, so focussed. Lifting up the presser foot, turning corners, checking his stitches, changing stitches. It was a revelation to me! Step back, and let him get on with it. “This is the best toy ever!”, he said. He is so right. And, let it be said, he is only four (“… and a HALF!”, he would add).

I’m linking up to Amanda Jean’s Finish it Up Friday. So now I can go and see what others have been up to. Yay to some mindless but happy surfing, tucked up under a quilt.

Happy sewing! JJ

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7 Responses to Baby Quilt for Christmas

  1. Pamela says:

    Beautiful quilt and I love the bags!

  2. Hilary S says:

    Love the mental picture of your 4 and 1/2 yr old working so hard on the machine! Clearly a future quilter. 🙂 I’m coming down to Geneva airport on Monday. Can you recommend any fabric shops or Charity shops?


    • Oh dear, Geneva is a desert of fabric stores! It’s dreadful. The only one in the centre of town is a Alja thingy, and rather drab one in the suburbs near the route des Acacias (most poly fabrics). Not worth traipsing in for, frankly, although they are the best on offer. If you like second hand fabric, and a bit more of an adventure — like so called “vintage” sheets or chopping up clothes — then the large Emmaüs store in Carouge is a good place to hunt (Emmaüs Communauté Abbé Pierre, rte de Drize 5, 1227 Carouge GE), likewise La Renfile in Meyrin (Rue Alphonse-Large 19, 1217 Meyrin) which would be closer to the airport. The best store used to be in Nyon (Manoir aux Tissus) but the lady retired and now only sells by appointment. The other one in Nyon, by the lake, is very twee and overpriced, with a rather grumpy lady. Tell me what you find! JJ

      • Hilary S says:

        Thanks for replying and for the ideas! I think I might try for the Emmaus store and/or Renfile. I don’t fancy a grumpy sales assistant, especially at Swiss prices. 🙂

        Hope you had a nice night away at your Mum!s. 🙂

      • Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

        I’m thoroughly surprised you didn’t recommend coming to my house since I reportedly have enough fabric to be considered a shop! At the very least, I offer Chubs, wadding & Aurifil. 🙂 (actually, this is more of a test to try and post. I’ve been having issues, hopefully now resolved.)

  3. I love the poinsettia looking bag! very cute idea.

  4. Katy says:

    Perfect Christmassy makes there missus. I can only imagine Mr A having hours of fun and entertainment with mummy’s toy!

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