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One way to quick piece half-square-triangles

During a retreat, Ms E once showed us a nifty way to quickly make half-square-triangles (HSTs): sewing all the way around a square of two fabrics facing right sides together; and then chopping it twice diagonally. This was fast and … Continue reading

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Christmas quilt: not three French hens

On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Three French hens, Two turtle doves, And a partridge in a pear tree. Well, it’s not actually three French hens today, but instead a Christmas quilt for my … Continue reading

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Christmas spices

The smell of Christmas is hard to beat. Fir branches, wood fires to keep warm, sweet smelling spices — and because this is Switzerland — lots of cheese. We just had a pre-Christmas raclette (way too much melted cheese scraped … Continue reading

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Rippled feathers: a quick owl costume

A few weeks before Christmas, while some of the world is celebrating Thanksgiving and others are lighting candles through Advent, the city of Geneva, in Switzerland, celebrates L’Escalade. What has this got to do with owls, I hear you say? … Continue reading

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Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks

Here is another quick technique for piecing blocks using long strips (written up at the weekend, my brain is mush just now!). Those unwanted jelly rolls at the back of your cupboard are just waiting for this super-quick system. This … Continue reading

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Quick square piecing technique

I have just forked out some insane sum to save you from unwanted ads that I could not control, and to give this blog the vanity name of Plus I can, apparently, also post videos. So to celebrate this … Continue reading

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