Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks

Here is another quick technique for piecing blocks using long strips (written up at the weekend, my brain is mush just now!). Those unwanted jelly rolls at the back of your cupboard are just waiting for this super-quick system. This was inspired by a technique in Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam Lintott and Nicky Lintott (you could get it here for instance). I rarely make quilts from patterns, but this quick-piecing tip was clever just for the blocks.

First sew your strips together in pairs (you could do light/dark pairs for instance, but I didn’t in this case). Use a 1/4 inch seam, or whatever you prefer. Just be consistent.

Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks01Iron them (towards the darkest one). Then lay two such strips face together, and sew along the top and bottom to fix them together. You end up with a long tube. At which point you probably think you’ve done something wrong. Rest assured that you haven’t!

Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks04Lay it out on your board, and mark out a right-angled triangle on the corner of a ruler, the height of which is the width of your long double strip. Some will have you believe you need to buy a special triangular ruler for such things. You don’t! Just use some snazzy washi-tape to mark it on an existing ruler. You want this to stretch across your strip, with the tip on the edge.

Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks05Cut a triangle, using both sides (“up the mountain, down the mountain”). Slide the ruler along your strip. Keep going to make more triangles (don’t rotate the ruler).

Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks07You end up with a nice pile of triangles. Because the tip is only attached with a few stitches, these are easy to carefully ease out to open up your lovely little blocks. Iron them carefully without stretching — the edges are all bias. I found it was easiest to iron the middle seam open. This seemed to minimise stretching.

Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks09Sweet, aren’t they? Sew them together as you wish. These ones will become a cushion (and feature in my tutorial on quick piecing blocks). Super fast! You can also put them together in a much less random way if you prefer.

Quick piecing square blocks9Happy snipping! JJ

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5 Responses to Quick piecing diagonal strip blocks

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  2. Katy says:

    Great idea missus! I am now singing ‘The other side of the mountain’ though, err, thanks for that…

  3. Elita Sharpe says:

    Ooooh, aren’t you becoming a regular Tutor! Loving it – looking forward to seeing a tute on a fractal quilt too as P has said that would be his preferred pattern too. 🙂

  4. Casp'J says:

    I would like to see some quilts that show the 17 crystallographic groups, which represent various ways types of symmetry in the patterns. Mr T will explain this to you. Some illustrations are shown here: http://xavier.hubaut.info/coursmath/doc/17.htm

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