One way to quick piece half-square-triangles

During a retreat, Ms E once showed us a nifty way to quickly make half-square-triangles (HSTs): sewing all the way around a square of two fabrics facing right sides together; and then chopping it twice diagonally. This was fast and fun, but the resulting squares had the bias of the fabric on the edges.

So in the spirit of continuing to find easy ways to piece, how about this? I’m sure others have already invented this, but I am writing it down here partly for me to remember the sizes of resulting pieces.

Pick two fabrics you want to make HST from. Cut these into squares — any size. I am using 10-inch precuts here. (I remember Crazy Mom writing up a maths’ page somewhere about what size to start with if you want a certain size which would no doubt be more accurate than my guesstimate measuring. But I cannot find it anymore. Does anyone have the link to that or a similar page? I’d be grateful if so.)

Quick piecing HST1This photo is rather too pale to show the lines I have drawn, and sewn. So here is a hopefully-more-clear explanation:

Quick piecing HSTb1This means that, once you’ve done the sewing and the chopping, you end up with this:

Quick piecing HST2These are really eight beautiful HST, ready to be ironed carefully. I iron the diagonal seams open as I find this shifts the bias less. But do what you wish.

Quick piecing HST3A ten-inch square makes 4.5inch HST (at least this is what I end up with, judging by the average size of these little chaps here!).

I am planning on making stars with these. (And yes, I could have made flying geese blocks instead for this using a quick method but this works fine for layer cakes.) This is some of the Downton Abbey quilting fabric. I was very excited when this came out, but once it arrived on my sewing table I wasn’t so enchanted. Oh well. Perhaps it will look nice all pieced up?Quick piecing HST4Happy (quickish) piecing! JJ

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3 Responses to One way to quick piece half-square-triangles

  1. Love this idea – and upon my word, is that a non-squares quilt in the making??? Beautiful! I’ve not seen the Downton Abbey fabric in person yet, but it looks lovely here, my dear 🙂

  2. Katy says:

    Good thinking missus! Looks much quicker than those dreaded geese too o.O

  3. Josefina says:

    Here’s a link that I saved. I think it is similar to what you are looking for. Have fun!

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