Tidying up, at last

The fresh year is upon us. Work starts tomorrow. So, so luckily, I had a rare day to myself at home, family off with grandparents after two weeks of intense mummying. It was lovely! I finally had the time and energy to attack the wicked space that had become a sore vortex in our bedroom — rather than a nice sewing space.

Several piles later, and shifting stuff around into fresh boxes gave me some idea of what I actually have: a lot of fabric. OK, so perhaps not buying any more anytime soon might be a good idea?

Tidying in the new year1I love scraps, yet never got round to organising them as I had hoped. So my first mission was to make some more scrap buckets for colour-sorted scraps, as I had vowed to do last June. That felt good! Whites/neutrals on the left, then blues, greens/yellows, and reds/pinks.

Tidying in the new year3Then, having emptied bags into other bags, and piles into boxes, I could finally finish my cushion that I had started quite recently. Big and chunky on the sofa, good for flopping on.

Tidying in the new year4It actually matches that lovely Egyptian appliqué cushion that my brother-in-law brought us rather better than this flashy photo implies.

OK, so now let the term begin (again)! At least I can stare at my sewing table and actually see parts of it now, even if I will have little time for it in the weeks to come, unless I cut out sleep.

Happy tidying! JJ

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3 Responses to Tidying up, at last

  1. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    I do LOVE those scrap bins. Should try and see if I can find some fabric to do something similar. As you know I have so little fabric… 😉

  2. Katy says:

    Well done on the organising! I did that too, and I swear, even though there was a lot more space for it to go in, it expanded to fill it all o.O

  3. Wow, fantastic! I’m in the process of a wholesale re-organisation of my fabric mountain. I did a project audit yesterday and am ashamed by how many quilts I have a) on the go b) planned but not started and c) not yet quilted. Now I’m undertaking a fabric audit too as part of my fabric fast. It’s frightening!
    Now I have seen your beautiful scrap bags I’ve decided I need some kind of organised solution for my scraps (rather than everything being shoved into a knackered old plastic bin with a broken lid stuffed away under my sewing table) – so thanks for the ideas 🙂

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