If in doubt, make a giraffe

Yesterday, I went to the dentist. Not my favourite thing, even if my dentist is the gentlest man imaginable. On the way out, the bus I took just happened to pass near the one and only fabric shop in the city. It seemed preordained that I should just pop in.

And pop out again clutching a little treat. This morning, I made these with the children. They did most of the cutting and sewing. I did all the fiddly bits.

2 giraffesb 2 giraffesAdapted from a free pattern online, but made much stubbier. Aren’t they darling? Much, much less fiddly than teddy bears…

Hey, anything to encourage me to get my teeth looked after, right? I need to have two wisdom teeth out: just as well, because I spotted the shop also has zebra, leopard, cow and dalmatian prints…

Happy safaring! JJ

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One Response to If in doubt, make a giraffe

  1. Katy says:

    ROFL, looking forward to seeing the furry zoo springing up šŸ˜€

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