Hexie coat progress

After a long weekend in the mountains, we popped in to my lovely parents-in-law to return a left-behind scarf on Sunday afternoon. Then, scatty-brained that I am, after watching some Olympic wrapping-up (we don’t have a TV…), I managed to leave behind my own coat. Daft! So this seemed like a good excuse to see if I could start or even — gasp — finish my coat project. There were so many kind comments to my last post, that this seems like a fun thing to be attempting.

Well, it’s certainly not yet finished, nor is it anywhere near wearable, but I had a few hours of fun (and some frustration!) playing with it. So hopefully tomorrow isn’t going to be too cold in Geneva, because otherwise I have nothing to wear…

I decided I really wanted this as an excuse to practice some freemotion stitching, as well as appliquéing some silk hexagons. I really went with the improvising here, not planning a thing. After all, this second-hand-coat didn’t cost me much from a local charity shop, even if it’s nice wool felt. I unpicked the bottom seam, and the lining, so that when I am finished I can stitch it back together neatly (I am assuming…). This is how far I got so far, aiming only to do a sort of improv assymetrical border around the bottom:

Coat2Well, it mightn’t look like much yet, but it’s fun to do! I like the ‘painting’ effect of the free-motion quilting. The circles were an afterthought, but I really like them. More, perhaps, than the hexagons, so we’ll see where this is heading. A total jumble, most probably!

I had a frightful time with the gold thread. My Pfaff does not like anything other than Aurifil, but I really wanted to try since the colour was rather appropriate. Then, when I finally gave up in desperation and shifted to the red it was so easy, smooth, happy. I’m not so happy with the effect the red gives, and am searching for another colour to add. Or does Aurifil do some sort of metallic thread? Ms E?

Coat1We’ll see if this turns into something remotely wearable. Perhaps not — but then who cares? I can just play up the excentric mad academic persona a little more…

Happy improvising! JJ

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2 Responses to Hexie coat progress

  1. Katy says:

    Now that conjured up an interesting image of you streaking through Geneva while you finish the coat… 😉

  2. HilaryS says:

    This looks gorgeous! Do finish it and wear your unique coat with pride!

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