Mystery revealed

If you can’t join ’em…

I could not go to Patchwork in the Peaks (5!) this time, alas. The timing (this weekend!) just didn’t work out. Nevertheless, I was honoured to be a pattern-tester for Ms E for the Mystery Quilt that was to be made at the retreat. Except that I was a useless tester since I never finished it on time to actually prove it was doable — but by them Ms E had made one, quilted it and bound it, so I didn’t feel so bad…

But, instead of doing it a month ago, fresh back from Tuscany yesterday, I spend a happy day hiding from the children and sewing. I think it needs a border or two to make it a sensible size. I just love those silly spacemen. Bright, it certainly is!

Mystery quiltAs Peaks is taking place now, I can’t wait to see what all the happy campers are making. It is always so fun to see how different fabric choices totally change a pattern. I think slightly less contrasting tones would be rather better, in retrospect. But it’s cheerful.

Unlike what my previous post suggested, I never did get round to doing any sewing when I was in Italy. Too much going on, too much to plan, too much to take in and too much to think about for our year away. The closest I got to actually sewing was simply laying a quilt on what will be my bed for a year, to make it feel like home.

Tuscan bedThe only other thing I did was lay out my hexies, take a photo of my progress, and then pack them away again. Doesn’t really count as sewing, does it? Still, sometimes just patting fabric is therapeutic.

Hexies april 2014Everything takes time in Italy, often in a happy way (Slow food!), but in frustrating episodes too. We learnt, for example, that telling a bank manager who is proving officious and annoyingly sanctimonious that “it works better in Switzerland” mightn’t be the best strategy to get what you want (even if it makes you feel really, really better!) — but waving as many official looking bits of paper covered in various assorted stamps is. Sense of humour essential at all times! Easier when you are rested, and full of Easter chocolate. Or pasta. Or both.

Happy stitching! JJ

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