Feathered friends

I have set up the most marvelous sewing / writing studio in the tower of our house. It is perfect! But no sewing at all has been done yet. Life took over. Then chickens. So allow me, just this once, to talk about something other than fabric. Ok, maybe not just once…

Fluffy, Brownie and Silkie

Fluffy, Brownie and Silkie

First it was just the three little ones. Manageably small. But useless at laying eggs. But we love them all the same. They are such fun to watch.

A "Silkie" chicken, utterly daft but tough as nails, and sweet to cuddle.

A “Silkie” chicken, utterly daft but tough as nails, and sweet to cuddle.

So we added a big rough Tuscan one to produce something. Meet “Tosca”, the local laying hybrid. She looks huge next to the other girls.

Tosca, tough but soft at heart

Tosca, tough but soft at heart

Has she yet laid anything? No. “Ma fa freddo!”, said the man in the local agricultural shop. Well, perhaps to an Italian, 24C in the afternoon is indeed a little chilly. I am however wearing a teeny T-shirt. So, another freeloader, who will no doubt lay next Spring. Or not. So then we added another laying hen to keep her warm in the winter on the roost, as the little ones seem to sleep in a pile on the flood of the coop. Meet “Azzurra”, a grey chicken called ‘blue’ around here.

Azzurra, who thinks she's blue, according to her hybrid name (but looks pretty grey to me...)

Azzurra, who thinks she’s blue, according to her hybrid name (but looks pretty grey to me…)

We just spent all evening looking for her in the bushes after she decided to escape our state-of-the-art electrified fox-proof pen. Poor lass. We thankfully found her before something big and hungry did. Enough chickens? Well, that was before our lovely neighbour Ms V decided to hatch a batch of chicks and give us some. In our enthusiasm, we ended up with five “because they are so sweet and tiny and oh let’s have that one too because it’s a different colour, and that one too…” and so on. A little more than a week later, these are starting to look seriously huge. And boy do they EAT!

They might start out small...

They might start out small…

I am seriously hoping several of these turn out to be boys because if so we have agreed with Ms V that they can go and live with her mother who has a large farm. Ten chickens will not fit into my little coop. They we will wish them well and not think too hard about their life expectancy… Any time for quilting? Probably not quite yet…

Happy farming! JJ

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2 Responses to Feathered friends

  1. Katy says:

    Lol, yes, I can imagine they would keep you busy for a while!

  2. Hilary says:

    Nice to hear how your new life is progressing. How are the children settling into a new school with a different language?

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