Sewing set up, brain switched on again

The children are settled into school — finally, after a most marvellous summer — and the days are starting to slowly take on a new rhythm. I am settled into my institute in Pisa, going there about once a week, by train. Language seems not to faze the children as much as expected. Clever little things. Mr A (5) announced rather perceptively that “we don’t learn much in school. It’s more somewhere to go for children when their parents have to do something”. But he is happy, learning a new language, and surrounded by kind people. Miss R (8) is coping amazingly, helped by a lovely little English-speaking friend in her class who has been a real blessing. So, on my two new Giant Swedish Store-bought tables, in my little tower, I respectively have space for writing… and sewing. After a morning of reading chapters of an excellent PhD, I finally dug out a cushion to finish.


This is a milestone for me as I hand pieced the shapes (from a Moda pack of pre-cut hexies): not English paper piecing but rather with running stitch. My first Y seams! Then, when that was done and the green border was attached by machine, I hand quilted it, under the watchful eyes of Ms E and Ms D, queens of the hand quilting, while still in Switzerland.



Meanwhile, back over the border in France, in Morzine, Patchwork in the Peaks is taking place this weekend. I wish the ladies so much fun, and I wish I were there. So perhaps I’ll sneak in some extra sewing this weekend in my very own Tuscan Peaks, as a sort of symbolic Southern outpost.

Happy days! JJ


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4 Responses to Sewing set up, brain switched on again

  1. Francine says:

    You were definitely missed, though Ms. H was doing a bang up job of impersonating your super, duper, speedyrific stitching!! 🙂

  2. thelittlestthistle says:

    Ha, liking Mr A’s thoughts on school 😀

  3. Lovely cushion. Am enjoying your amazing new life and missing PEAKS as well.

  4. Karen says:

    Beautiful work and at beautiful setting ! You always inspire me!

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