Winter cold, and the promise of new heat

It is suddenly, violently winter in our Tuscan mountains. Billowing snow, and – a first for me – then a real snow thunderstorm. Flashes of lightening, great peals of thunder, and snowflakes. I had always associated thunderstorms with the heat of summer, but the landscape here constantly surprises. Needless to say, the chickens, most of whom were born in September, were most alarmed at the ground turning white.




Today brought the promise of real heat, as our new stove wood is currently being installed. One man has completely disappeared up the chimney. We hope this will allow us to use all our wood to heat the house, rather than only cook pizzas outside in the bread oven. The old fireplace just filled up the house with smoke.

I certainly look forward to snuggling by the fire, under my nice new rather smallish wintery lap quilt that is just freshly washed. I finished it last night. Ok, it’s really a cot-sized thingy but hey, that was all the Japanese plaid I had! Very raw-edged appliqué, but this time properly fixed in place with Vlieseline before quilting. Great fun to do, particularly with a Small Helper telling me where to place each bit. I put two layers of batting to make it puffy (and also, really, because I just pieced together random small bits and this seemed like a good way of bridging them…) so it was a real struggle to navigate it under the machine. There would probably have been a clever way of raising the foot, but I didn’t take time to work this out…

Happy snuggling, awaiting the Spring, JJ


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1 Response to Winter cold, and the promise of new heat

  1. thelittlestthistle says:

    Hope the chimney was suitably cleared and you’re nice and warm now!

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