Piecing progress

Happily snatching time here and there to stitch in the evening, even if my sewing room is freezing. I’ve made some progress on two cushions made with fabric from Ms L. I ‘just’ need to appliqué the shapes and actually made the pillow cases.

And the red quilt is almost done, save for a bit more quilting and the binding. Fun, fun! The back is quite a heavy linen, but it seemed to quilt ok.

Happy finishing? JJ




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3 Responses to Piecing progress

  1. Hilary says:

    Agree with Karen about the backing – so pretty and I love the front too. Such beautiful colours! It’s fascinating seeing the end product after seeing the little bits adding up beforehand. 😀

  2. Karen @BlondieLovesHat says:

    Love love love your little birds & blossoms back side fabric… what a perfect choice to compliment the gorgeous front.

  3. AJ says:

    Really lovely!


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