Big and small, and two far away

Finally, I found time / energy / enthusiasm to sew, partly during a week off work for all sorts of odd health reasons. The red quilt is finished and in daily use. Hurray! It is some sort of lap size, and cosy for snuggling under by the fire. Winters feel cold in an old stone house (especially once you got your first gas bill of the winter season and gasped…). So a quilt and a log on the fire help nicely in different ways.


Perhaps after that long haul project, I had a flurry of making instant- gratification mini quilts for use on tables. Endless teacups around here need resting places — as does the occasional gin and tonic.


One afternoon I has a Small Person sick at home, so in the afternoon we did some gentle sewing. He pieced a little mat in strips, and I quilted and bound it following his design. The next day a Small but Slightly Older Person pieced and quilter her own, and I bound it. Table mats for three! Now only Papa needs one. I suspect I will make that?

Meanwhile, far away in Switzerland, the irreplaceable Ms L put the binding on two quilts I had quilted on the indomitable Ms E’s longarm just before leaving the country. My mother was eager to use them, but I just didn’t find the time to finish them in the madness of those last days of moving to Italy. I am so blessed to have amazing friends who step in when I fail. I am incredibly grateful. Much as I love our life here in Tuscany, a gaggle of quilty girlfriends is really still missing! My dear mother sent a photo of the two quilts but I haven’t quite managed to upload the photos here yet. Some technical glitch to fix.

Off to rescue the potatoes from the oven. Hurray, we can eat on our new placemats!

Happy eating! JJ

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2 Responses to Big and small, and two far away

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  2. thelittlestthistle says:

    It’s always good when those quilts truly find a purpose beyond decoration!

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