Piecing, playing

It looks like the smaller half of the family is coming down with ‘flu, so quickly, quickly, before I have to be full-time Mama Nurse, here is a quick peak of what I have been playing with.

My lovely friend Ms E has uploaded one of her designs to the Craftsy pattern shop: spinning card trick. I very rarely follow patterns, so I got a real satisfaction making sense of this one. I have used Ms E’s patterns before during her legendary quilting retreats and they are always wonderfully careful and clear. I wanted instant satisfaction, so this will be turned into a little mat.

Go on! Try it! And support an independent designer in the process. Now… How to quilt it?

(oops, too late, while I was writing this the smallest one was sick all over his bed. Well… Probably not the ‘flu, then?)

Happy piecing! Or nursing. JJ.


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Academic and quilter
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2 Responses to Piecing, playing

  1. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    Awww, it’s beautiful, JJ!! You did a marvelous job! Well done! xx

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