Spinning card trick mini quilt

Oooh, I actually followed a pattern, all by myself! I know that sounds pathetically boringly normal, but for free-sewing Ms Pragmatic Patchwork, it was unusual. I wanted to try out Ms E’s spinning cards (see my last post) that looked fiendishly hard, but actually were great fun to make. Hurray!

It is now finished. I love it, even if it doesn’t all match up terribly perfectly. I did resew two seams, another first, but decided I could live with the resulting not-really-perfect second tries. Hey, one step at a time! It’s a clever pattern, as you only need a 5″ square of each colour, so it is perfect for using up scraps or pretty charm squares.


Then, when I was in the garden rejoicing that the Spring looked like it had almost sprung in our Tuscan mountains, I had the bright idea of letting the chickens out of their large but by now rather bare pen to enjoy some fresh grass. Ten overexcited fluffy chickens could then be seen tumbling down the terraces, hotly pursued by a small and happy boy. He is clearly recovered from his sicky bug, while Big Sister stayed inside, away from the excited clucking, reading the last of her Christmas books. The chickens pecked around the olive trees, chasing bugs, while I sat and watched them happily. Roll on warmer weather, please!
Linking this up to Crazy Mom’s finish it up Friday.
Go on, you know you too want to use up some scraps with some spinning cards…
Happy spinning! JJ




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2 Responses to Spinning card trick mini quilt

  1. thelittlestthistle says:

    What, a real, live, actual pattern?! Surely not 😀 Looks good though, and glad the chooks are happy

  2. Tracy says:

    Love the chicken close-up 🙂

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