Onions and squares

I mentioned a few days ago that Ms L so terribly kindly sewed the binding on two quilts that I had finished quilting just before leaving Switzerland last summer (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!). I had so wanted to leave them to my dear mother to use, but didn’t get them done in time, in the madness of our family move south. I was so grateful to my lovely friend for doing this last step. My mother just sent me some photos, taken by phone, but it gives an idea. It look forward to seeing them being used. Both were, if remember correctly, pieced during Peaks.

Japanese squares3They are both back by fabric taken from duvet covers from the usual large Swedish place. The ‘onion’ quilt was a project to learn about using fusible appliqué. We had to layer and cut out several shapes. This slightly thicker batik fabric worked well. I went a bit crazy with the left over bits to make what ended up becoming the centre block.

onions2OnionsThe second quilt was made with fabric from Japan that I brought a few years back at the Tokyo Great Quilt Festival (that infamous time I got ‘flu and got stuck in Japan for ten days in a lonely hotel room, banned by my airline from flying…).

Japanese squares2 Japanese squaresI was hugely relieved to see that the burgundy linen didn’t run in the wash, although apparently it made several paper ‘colour catchers’ very dark in the process. Both quilts were quilted on Ms E‘s longarm in Geneva, as she very kindly let me use it, switching bobbins and generally helping me get the hang of it.

I have discovered there is a quilting group in Pisa (yay!) so hopefully I will meet them soon. My Italian needs stretching to some new sewing terms!

Linking this up to “Finish it up Friday“, because, hey, it’s Friday.

Happy quilting! JJ

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6 Responses to Onions and squares

  1. Pamela says:

    Beautiful quilts! I love the Japanese fabrics.

  2. sheri says:

    I really love both but that purple sashing and scrappy one is fabulous!

  3. thelittlestthistle says:

    I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to move past the alternative names we came up with for the ‘onion’ quilt, but it turned out great in the end 🙂

  4. Vera says:

    Those onions are looking great!

  5. Live love love that onion quilt

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