A break from hexagons to make a gift for a baby. It’s useful to have a mathematician husband who tells you, just as you blindly set off the wrong path, that you cannot make a ball with only hexagons… So rather than make a true football (hexagons and pentagons), a quick online search led me to Abby Glassenberg’s useful tutorial, and templates, so I didn’t need to work out Alone that I needed twelve pentagons. A few hours later, a little flannel ball was born. A Kinder egg provided a little plastic container in the middle, with a little bell inside. A very satisfactory tingle!

Stuffed with polyester, and stitched up!

That was fun! Now, to make another, while visiting my ‘onions’ quilt.
Happy stitching! JJ

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Academic and quilter
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3 Responses to Pentagons

  1. Sheri says:

    Love to see something new– great idea making a ball with a bell inside!

  2. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    Wow! You speedy girl! I just saw this in its unstuffed state not three hours ago!!! It’s beautiful! Love it!

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