Just mindlessly sewing

Nothing like picking up fabric and thread and just mindlessly sewing.

“Mamaaaa? What are you making?” ” I have no idea”. totally stalled on all real projects.

I was floating the idea of organising a quilting retreat in an idyllic place close to here next summer, with Ms E of Busy Needle Quilting and Ms C of Littlest Thistle. I wonder if anyone would want to join us? Colours, places, views, crafts: there is so much to inspire quilters in this blissful corner of Northern Tuscany! Any takers?

Wouldn’t this make a fabulous pattern for paper-piecing and appliqué?

Happy dreaming, JJ. 

About pragmaticpatchwork

Academic and quilter
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2 Responses to Just mindlessly sewing

  1. Pamela says:

    I wish I could come to your retreat! Tuscany is too far from Hokkaido for me to attend. Aren’t hexagons soothing?

  2. Hi Juliet. Would love an excuse to come to Tuscany and see you. I would come to your retreat.
    Love reading about your chickens

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