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Crazy colours

The rain pitter-patted all night on the roof, but I was cozy under the zany coloured quilt that I quilted last night. I put the binding on this morning. Crazy colours, hand dyed fabric between the patterned squares (a pile … Continue reading

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Quilt Camp

Quilt camp is a rare once-a-year treat with precious friends: no classes, nothing planned, just a big bag of ‘well I might feel like making that’ projects, spontaneous meals, dress code: pyjamas, and lots of sewing. No frills, but great … Continue reading

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Back on track

A summer of moving furniture, pets and people backwards and forwards, and back to Switzerland. Children adapt so easily, me not so well. But I’m starting to feel settled back into crazy work routines. Sewing machine unpacked too, in a … Continue reading

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