Quilt Camp

Quilt camp is a rare once-a-year treat with precious friends: no classes, nothing planned, just a big bag of ‘well I might feel like making that’ projects, spontaneous meals, dress code: pyjamas, and lots of sewing. No frills, but great company and lots of laughs. Just what I need before term starts up at the university. 

We have descended on Ms G’s lovely house in the French Alps not far from Chamonix, all children safely tucked up with respective partners elsewhere. Bliss, I tell you. The Clever People are planning classes to teach at the next amazing Patchwork in the Peaks retreat. I’m just having fun! And pretending not to see the amazing things they are planning. 

This cat once accepted to sit on my knee but otherwise just seems to prefer ‘ironing’ my works-in-progress. It obviously has excellent taste. Two skittish chickens in the garden warm my soul and make me feel the loss of my own Tuscan flock less keenly. 

I started and finished a baby quilt for a gift. Hush. A study in how to quickly make a quilt using bits of a jelly-roll.  

  Quick, sweet and easy, with a dead simple pieced back.   

Now, what next? Tea!

Happy mooching! JJ

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