Hand-pieced hexagons

So much quicker than paper-piecing, and just as portable once you’ve cut out the shapes: piecing hexagons by hand. Duh. 


 I’m not sure why it took me quite so long to work this out? I had tried with larger, pre-cut shapes, without marking seam allowances, but I had never really thought of trying with teeny ones. But it works a treat. Now, what shall I make? All I need is another long sunny weekend, with time to spare. Oh right, maybe that is part of the problem…

Happy experimenting! JJ

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Academic and quilter
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3 Responses to Hand-pieced hexagons

  1. Beautiful, my dear! And not a square in sight 🙂
    So what size are these hexes? I love hexying (is that even a word?) but seem to have too many other projects to work on to make much progress with my growing hexie quilt top.

  2. Pamela says:

    Such nice colors and patterns! I like this.

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