End of year breathing

Winter light, and quiet times at home, surrounded by a family needing rest and peaceful times as much as I do. Snowy slopes are calling us, but meanwhile, right now, it is time to tidy up the chaos, sort out my creative space, and play.

Once that was done, I got out my little Featherweight, oiled her, and played.

This machine is called Felicity, in honour of my grandmother. I love the idea of naming machines. I remember my Gran teaching me to sew on a hand-cranked Singer, during a special Suffolk summer holiday. Wonderful memories! My grandmother is now 94, and fragile. But what an inspiration she has been to many all those years.

I thought these machines were so popular because they are cute and historic, but I must say that in using her to piece, and quilt, and sew through thick layers, I am really really impressed with how good she is. A real precision little power punch. How gorgeous. How lucky I am.

Happy resting! JJ

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Academic and quilter
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2 Responses to End of year breathing

  1. Hilary S says:

    Glad you’re enjoying some breathing space and creative mindfulness. Felicity is obviously a cherished and well cared for machine, looking at the way she gleams!

  2. Pamela says:

    What a great finish, and nice to have inspiration and memories of your grandmother.

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