It takes a family to pin a quilt! So nice to have help.

Happy pinning! JJ

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Sewing with children

A lovely way to escape the hot Tuscan midday sun with a 10 yr-old daughter and 7yr-old son. We all love my new machine!

Happy times. JJ


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Back in Tuscany…

After a year back in Switzerland, with downs and ups, we are back in our beloved Tuscany for the summer. There was one thing missing in the house. That is now sorted! Rather than agonise over options, models, prices, online shops, and delivery dates, I took myself to the closest shop that sold sewing machines, announced I needed one to sew straight lines, zig-zag and freemotion, and left the shop clutching this. Win-win: I support local business, don’t faff around, and solve my problem. I LOVE it! 

Happy sewing!


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Hand-pieced hexagons

So much quicker than paper-piecing, and just as portable once you’ve cut out the shapes: piecing hexagons by hand. Duh. 


 I’m not sure why it took me quite so long to work this out? I had tried with larger, pre-cut shapes, without marking seam allowances, but I had never really thought of trying with teeny ones. But it works a treat. Now, what shall I make? All I need is another long sunny weekend, with time to spare. Oh right, maybe that is part of the problem…

Happy experimenting! JJ

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Back sewing!

A great treat to be back in a chalet in Morzine, in the French Alps, sewing sewing sewing. Finally. Nothing beats a retreat to carve out time and mental space. Some projects I brought along to work on since the theme this time was “finishing up”. #Peaks9

  This was is only a top for the moment: baby and toddler clothes too stained or worn to pass on or save, fused to the fabric. I will anchor them down when I quilt it.

This is know as “The Chicken Quilt”, started last year in Tuscany. But it’s a monster to quilt!

This is the back of the Hexy quilt. I got bored about sewing hexagons by hand, so I appliqued them to a background and let it evolve. Now I love it! But it is a bit odd… The back is made from whatever I had at hand!



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Crazy colours

The rain pitter-patted all night on the roof, but I was cozy under the zany coloured quilt that I quilted last night. I put the binding on this morning. Crazy colours, hand dyed fabric between the patterned squares (a pile of rather badly-cut Kaffe Fassett squares sold as a set). I think it will be perfect for cheering up my new flashy but very stark office at the university.  

I also finished the so-called Chicken Quilt, but didn’t end up basting it since the linen I had chosen turned out to have a wierd waxy coating that I am not sure will wash out. Very scrappy, made using bits of fabric that had been lying around for too long unloved. It might need another border at the top perhaps? But it’s getting very big… Some of the chicken fabric is from one of my former lovely doctoral students! So kind.

 What fun we had! Even the cat obviously really likes it.

 Back to the Real World now… But first: Ms G’s two chickens! The deserve their moment of fame too.

 Happy sewing! JJ


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Quilt Camp

Quilt camp is a rare once-a-year treat with precious friends: no classes, nothing planned, just a big bag of ‘well I might feel like making that’ projects, spontaneous meals, dress code: pyjamas, and lots of sewing. No frills, but great company and lots of laughs. Just what I need before term starts up at the university. 

We have descended on Ms G’s lovely house in the French Alps not far from Chamonix, all children safely tucked up with respective partners elsewhere. Bliss, I tell you. The Clever People are planning classes to teach at the next amazing Patchwork in the Peaks retreat. I’m just having fun! And pretending not to see the amazing things they are planning. 

This cat once accepted to sit on my knee but otherwise just seems to prefer ‘ironing’ my works-in-progress. It obviously has excellent taste. Two skittish chickens in the garden warm my soul and make me feel the loss of my own Tuscan flock less keenly. 

I started and finished a baby quilt for a gift. Hush. A study in how to quickly make a quilt using bits of a jelly-roll.  

  Quick, sweet and easy, with a dead simple pieced back.   

Now, what next? Tea!

Happy mooching! JJ

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