Totally fabulous days

Spending a weekend sewing up a mountain in lovely company, one week into an academic term, was just perfection! What fun we had! It was the 10th edition of the now-famous Patchwork in the Peaks, led by the fabulous Elita, in Morzine in the French Alps. A little over an hour’s drive from my home.

 Elita, organiser-extraordinaire and our guest teacher the famous Lucy of Charm About You. A beautiful, inspiring fun and clever quilter, and a pleasure to meet.    

 Gina, leader of the ever-famous and legendary ‘scrap-attack’ projects, helping an experienced sewer/ new quilter, in the amazing temporary studio overlooking the mountains.  
Then, once back near Geneva, I had the pleasure of placing my newly-finished quilts around the house. Truly a treat.

And on the way home from work today, I popped into a second-hand shop and found this little beauty for all of ten Swiss francs. She clearly needed rescuing! Amazing, as quilts really aren’t much of a thing around here.

Right, now back to work for the rest of the term…

Happy quilting! JJ


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The heavens welcomed us home. So, so very lucky to be able to move. 


My new sewing room (!!!!) had crazy splotches on the wall where the previous owners filled up holes. I won’t have time to paint it before term starts, but the underlying colour is green (green! i love green!). Yesterday evening, using masking tape, I laid out a grid, and filled it in using all the mini-tester pots of paint we wanted to try out. Instant quilt, and fewer splotches!  

Now, to unpack more boxes…

Happy nesting! JJ

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We are moving, within the city, tomorrow! I will have a sewing room! Beyond excited… 

So much to pack, so much to unpack. Our third summer in a row moving, but hopefully the last for a while. And this one is not an international move like the two previous ones. 

Happy boxing! JJ

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It takes a family to pin a quilt! So nice to have help.

Happy pinning! JJ

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Sewing with children

A lovely way to escape the hot Tuscan midday sun with a 10 yr-old daughter and 7yr-old son. We all love my new machine!

Happy times. JJ


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Back in Tuscany…

After a year back in Switzerland, with downs and ups, we are back in our beloved Tuscany for the summer. There was one thing missing in the house. That is now sorted! Rather than agonise over options, models, prices, online shops, and delivery dates, I took myself to the closest shop that sold sewing machines, announced I needed one to sew straight lines, zig-zag and freemotion, and left the shop clutching this. Win-win: I support local business, don’t faff around, and solve my problem. I LOVE it! 

Happy sewing!


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Hand-pieced hexagons

So much quicker than paper-piecing, and just as portable once you’ve cut out the shapes: piecing hexagons by hand. Duh. 


 I’m not sure why it took me quite so long to work this out? I had tried with larger, pre-cut shapes, without marking seam allowances, but I had never really thought of trying with teeny ones. But it works a treat. Now, what shall I make? All I need is another long sunny weekend, with time to spare. Oh right, maybe that is part of the problem…

Happy experimenting! JJ

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